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  • DSC_0277 Dave at K-9 Adventures is an excellent dog trainer. He visited me for the first time when my dog "Delta" was only 9 weeks old. She is now 6 months old. Every step of the way Dave was patient and reassuring. He breaks down the training exercises into small parts and gradually builds upon them. He gives excellent "human" examples to make it easier to understand both what you are doing and why you are doing it. For every question or concern I have, Dave has an answer. I honestly believe Delta is a great puppy because of the training she is getting. I know she will be a wonderful adult dog!
    Katie Reynolds
  • "Our dog is responding very positively to private lessons. Unlike in a large class, distractions are added only after skills are learned. Training is being built into play sessions that we all have fun doing. Dave trains both the dog and the owners. He teaches us to understand how dogs learn so that we can then add new skills easily. Our rescue is growing into a confident, obedient and well mannered animal."
    - P. Feintuch
  • "Both (my dogs) were labeled aggressive - my shepherd "unable to live with small dogs". My small dog - terrified if you held him too close or petted his neck. With his professional, knowledgeable, caring and calm manner, Dave temperament assessed, helped to gradually introduce my 2nd dog to my 1st, shared insights into working breed Shepherd's needs and disposition, and provided me with training exercises that help integrate these beautiful animals into my life - increasing their comfort through routine, discipline and exercise. I can't believe how incredible these dogs are - I thank Dave and K-9 Adventures for giving me the tools to be a better dog Mom and give my "boys" a Rescued Forever home!"
    - M. Musico
  • "I've known Dave for over 10 years and he has helped my family rescue two dogs. We adopted one as a puppy and one as a young adult. His ability to read dogs and guide us through the process of making them part of our family was a key to them becoming the important part of our lives that they are. I would highly recommend Dave and K-9 Adventures to anyone looking for help with the rescue process or taking their dog to the next level of training."
    - J. Cox


K-9 Adventures founder and head trainer Dave Guild has been professionally training dogs since 1980. During that time Dave has trained more than 13,000 dogs, including police K-9s for more than 50 law enforcement agencies, dogs used in the entertainment industry, and obedience training and problem solving for dog lovers all over Southern California.

For the past 10 years Dave has focused much of his effort on working with several dog rescue organizations rehabilitating homeless dogs so they can be successfully adopted. Dave and his wife Paula have three rescued dogs of their own - Greta, Jackie, and Dikran.

Dave and Paula enjoy outdoor activities, especially with their dogs. Greta, Jackie, and Dikran get at least one "bike ride" every day, they go on regular hikes in the local mountains, and they enjoy daily training and play sessions.


A well-trained dog is so much more than a pet. He or she can become your best friend, one that loves to be with you and is a pleasure to have around. This is what K-9 Adventures Customized Dog Training System can give you.

Regardless of age, temperament, or background, we will help you every step of the way. As you discover the unique temperament that your puppy or dog brings with him, you will learn how to manage his day, burn off his energy, and stimulate him to learn more. As he grows into your family, you will love the obedient, happy, and fulfilled dog that he will become.

The Puppy

We will show you how to start on the right foot. After a comprehensive evaluation, we will begin at the appropriate level with each of the three cords. You will have your puppy walking with you, playing in a correct way, and eager to learn in no time at all! Learn more.

The Adult Dog

If you have waited to begin training and your puppy is now an adult, it isn't too late. We will show you how to re-establish the correct pack order and get your dog turned around without starting an all-out struggle for Leadership. When you change the direction that your adult dog is headed in, care must be taken to make sure that he understands what is expected of him and how he is supposed to behave. We will show you how to turn your dog around in a way that will make sense to him as well as showing him how to have fun and challenge him in new ways.

The Rescue Dog

Training and rehabilitating a dog rescued from a bad past can be both challenging and extremely rewarding at the same time. Although dogs are genetically programmed to be part of a pack, many rescued dogs have never experienced a healthy pack environment. Integrating this dog into your family "pack" can be difficult, and knowing what steps to take is crucial to your success. We will help you show him how to fit into your family, learn how to become obedient, how to properly use his energy, and how to flourish with the training challenges you will offer him. Learn more.

Training Tricks

If you think that your dog "needs a job", or if you would like to add some exciting twists to your training, teaching tricks may be just what you are looking for. You won't need a class or a lot of expensive equipment as most of this training can be done in the comfort of your own yard. This method of training will appeal to your dogs intellect, teaching him to think and problem solve. Learn more.

Learn about our completely customized training system.

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Pricing provided upon request. Please call 626-963-9794

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Hear Dikran's Story

Meet Dikran, the Armenian Gampr, and hear his amazing and inspirational story. Born in Armenia, Dikran - a Livestock Guardian Dog - was a one-third sized runt with badly disfigured front legs. Discarded and left to die in the wintry Highlands, "Deke" was found nearly starved to death and barely able to walk by caring Armenians. Hear his fantastic story of survival, travel to America, healing, and training with his new owner, Dave Guild.

Have Dave and Deke come to your event. Both educational and entertaining, you will love his story. See the shocking "before" and amazing "after" pictures, learn about one of the rarest, oldest, and most useful working dog breeds on earth, and see Deke perform his training and stunts once believed to be impossible because of his disabilities.

Whatever your group, call for information about having Deke come for a visit!

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