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March 11, 2016
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April 15, 2016

Rescued Dogs

Rescuing a dog that is in need of a home and family is a wonderful and noble act. Unfortunately, many homeless dogs have pasts that have left deep emotional scars that can turn the dream of rescuing a dog into more of a nightmare.

Whether your new dog was a stray struggling to survive on the streets, living in a shelter, or in a foster home, chances are that you will deal with some issues that can affect the relationship you desire with the newest member of your family. Correctly identifying behavioral issues that could either be normal for the temperament of the dog or a product of a bad past is crucial when putting together a training program. Additionally, the “honeymoon” period many dogs go through when first adopted can mask behavioral issues that will only show themselves after a bond has already been formed between family and dog.

Crucial to the training of an adopted dog, particularly one with a bad past, is to begin immediately with a training plan that will jump start him into your family in the least stressful way possible. Many times, putting a leash and training collar on a dog that has been struggling to survive on the streets can cause a very high level of stress, or sometimes lead to an all out fight.

Using our “Three Cords of Training” we will show you how to introduce your rescued dog into your family in the least stressful way possible. Learn how to show him what is expected in his obedience work without the conflict that can come from traditional obedience training. You will discover great ways to burn off his energy with a training technique that will have you playing with him and training him at the same time. And finally, you will learn how to engage him in a highly motivational training approach that will make the whole training process fun and rewarding for both of you.

Let us help you develop a strategy that will build security and trust into the relationship you are establishing. As you go through this process you will learn how to become a fair and trusted leader, giving your dog the confidence and control needed for dealing successfully with a world full of distracting situations while overcoming a past that may have left physical or emotional scars that could otherwise affect his relationship with you and your family.

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