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March 9, 2016
March 9, 2016

The Puppy

If you have a new puppy, you will want to get started training right away.  Puppies come into a new “pack” with an inherited temperament that is already telling them how to respond to everything and everyone in their new lives.

The way a puppy sees his new pack and is allowed to behave in his new environment will determine how his training will proceed.  Unfortunately, when many puppies are brought home, there is no plan on how to address all of the issues that their un-directed puppy energy will raise.

Although the puppy does not bring with him the bad past that a rescued dog from the streets may have, he will still begin to form habits immediately.  Whether those habits are good or bad will depend entirely upon the way that his day is structured, how his energy is used, and the way his relationship with his new family is established.

K-9 Adventures will help you design a customized training program that will get your new puppy off to a great start.  Raising and training a puppy is a lot more than potty training and obedience commands.  Our puppy training starts off by looking at how the entire day is structured, making sure that bad habits aren’t being formed right from the start.

We then immediately address all of the puppy’s needs with what we call “The Three Cords of Training.”  The first cord will give you the discipline and control you will need as he grows into an adult. The second will give him a great way to burn off his energy and get good training at the same time, and the third will provide a challenging and fun way for him to learn exciting new skills that stimulate his intellect and completely engage him with his new family.

These “Three Cords”, when properly applied, will weave together as his training progresses to give you the dog you have always wanted; obedient and completely satisfied with his life in your family.

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