Our Completely Customized Training System

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March 10, 2015
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March 9, 2016

Our Completely Customized Training System

Whatever your dog’s age, temperament, or background, we offer a comprehensive training approach that will teach you how to address every aspect of your dog’s behavior regardless of any bad habits that may have been learned at home, or survival instincts perfected as a stray living on the streets. We will show you how to establish yourself as a fair and consistent leader using what we call The Leaderboard. Learn how to correctly address the sometimes complex issues involved in training your dog with our Three Cords of Training. Using this innovative approach to dog training, you will be able to interact with your dog in a way that not only makes sense, but gives him great ways of constructively using his energy and engaging his mind.

You will also learn how to structure the day so that he isn’t spending all of his free time learning bad habits that you will need to undo later on. Learn how to properly structure his day, both when you are at home and away, so that the training and behavior you are working on is consistently applied and makes sense to him. We call this –

Training the Whole Dog and Managing the Whole Day

With our customized approach to training, you will learn about –

The Leaderboard – A step by step process that looks at the entire day and shows you how to address everything that determines leadership. You will discover ways of approaching the events in his day in a way that puts you “in charge” of the pack and will be easy for your puppy or adult dog to understand.

The Three Cords – A comprehensive training approach that addresses all aspects of your dog’s temperament and behavior and meets all of his needs.

The 1st Cord – This is the disciplined part of training. The dog is a disciplined animal and this cord of training will appeal to that part of him. Whether he is a young puppy or an adult that was a stray, this part of training is taught in a way that he will completely understand and will teach him to be disciplined and under control without the stress that can be a part of many disciplined training methods. This cord is customized to fit your dog and allow him to learn in a way that will cause him to thrive.

The 2nd Cord – This is the “use of energy” part of training. The dog has drives that need to be fulfilled, and this part of training will show you great ways of using that energy. You will learn new ways of playing with your dog, and he will love it. He will learn how to burn off his energy in a way that teaches him to be focused on you and completely under your control. This is a subtle form of obedience, and you will learn how to have control of him even when he is in high drive.

The 3rd Cord – This is the thinking part of training. The dog is always thinking, and many dog owners say that their dog “needs a job.” This highly motivational approach to training, called Marker Training, teaches the dog to engage his intellect and be completely focused on the Leader. Challenging and fun, you will find exciting new ways to tap into your dogs mind and find out how smart he really is.

When these three cords are properly taught and applied, they are eventually “woven together” to give you a dog that is highly trained, a lot of fun, and a pleasure to have. Your “training sessions” will take on a whole new meaning and it will be difficult to tell which one of you enjoys your time together the most.

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